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Hi Guys, Just completed my purchase of a new Bennington over the 2015-16 winter months. From the time I stepped into the Marmora showroom, to finishing the paperwork, my Salesman, Mike Kolea, was there every step of the way. Mike patiently answered all my questions, and then answered them again when I forgot the answers. He remembered all the details of what was included and what was offered as part of my deal. His advice was great and he was true to his word throughout. Mike even went by our vacation house in OC to check on it (sent me some pics) after a bad winter storm and flooding, saving me a 200-mile round trip. The “sales” part was 5 star all the way. If you need a customer reference, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.
I bought my 2007 Defiance 25 ft. pilot house boat from Mark at the end of the model year. He and George personally delivered the boat to me in Jersey City, and spent an enormous amount of time going over all of the ins and outs, trim level, running RPM’s for most conditions, use of the electronics, location of filters, dip sticks, etc. The boat had some issues, but none that could be traced to Mark or the dealership. When the issues were finally resolved, and it came time for a change, it was only natural that I would call upon my old friend to market it for me. At the outset, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see it listed on the Sheltered Cove website, but I should have had faith. The boat need to be photographed and was quickly listed on several websites in a professional manner. Despite it being a questionable time of the year for a seller to be putting the boat on the market, Mark and Jack came through for me in a surprisingly modest amount of time. The boat was sold to a buyer in Canada, who also bought a trailer from […]
jack is great. Saw jack 3 times before buying the boat. Took the time to just give me and my wife all the info. I run two car dealerships and i must say that i would love to have him on my staff. Gave me a great price right off the bat. Don’t waste your time shopping just go see Jack. I had a cushion that took a while to come in but Jack never ducked a call or email. He took ownership of the problem and got it handled. A sincere thanks!
I purchased my boat here and was taken care of by Jack Ryan. First class service all the way!!! Jack knows how to treat a customer. He helped me through the process of my purchase. They even provided transportation to and from the airport. If anyone is thinking of making a boating purchase consider Sheltered Cove Marina. See Jack!!
After many months of going to boat shows, we bought our first boat from Jack, Chris and Mark at Sheltered Cove Marina. Jack was VERY patient and guided us through the process and option selections, answered questions and had GREAT follow-up! Brian reviewed the entire boat with us, and answered any of our questions so that we’d feel comfortable with our new Regal. We are able to keep our boat at SCM until we feel comfortable handling it. Although we’d love to stay down there, the distance is a little far from home. We highly recommend the marina – great people and great service! We appreciate all of the suggestions on equipment, and any additional items which we may have forgotten. We couldn’t do it without you and all of us appreciate that!
Just purchased our first boat from Jack, Mark and Chris. There were great to work with, and made us feel very comfortable with their services. We are keeping our boat at Sheltered Cove, and trust their team. Very pleasant experience. Family owned environment. Keep up the great work guys!
“Joey, Thanks so much. Appreciate the work that you and your team perform. Outstanding service!!! Hope you enjoy the holidays as well and see you in April!!!
Dear Jack, A note of thanks to everyone involved for making the purchase of our new Benninton Pontoon boat such a pleasant experience. Since arrival, the whole family is enjoying it. We “old folks’ are tuckered by days end. If ever up this way stop for a beer.
Wow….., what a great experience dealing with the people at Sheltered Cove. Bought our new 256 CC Sea Fox from our salesman, Capt. Jack Ryan :-). Jack is a great guy to deal with, he answered all of our questions and found answers to the ones he did not know. We did not need financing and had insurance in place but Jack found us a much better deal on the insurance. Jack shared all of his knowledge about boating with us and had a many great laughs along the way. Also like to thank Joey Cannon, George and Vinny, really good guys with great personalities. Like any major purchase, there were a few minor problems along the way. However, everything was resolved immediately, with a sense of urgency, due to the great effort of the entire staff. Especially like to thank George for the outstanding job in prepping the boat and outfitting it with all the electronics and detailing the boat, he made it shine !! Again, wow! Great job Sheltered Cove Marina. We will always do business with you. Thanks, Bruce & Martina, ILUA.
Our salesperson Jack was terrific to work with. Everything was explained to us in full detail and the service was impecable. When I received the boat the training was excellent. The Regal boat was beyond our expectations of the ride and handling. My expereience with other dealerships were not as professional as the whole staff at Shelter Cove.
I recently purchased my first boat from Sheltered Cove Marina and I can not say thank you enough. The treatment I received from their sales person Jack Ryan and their service manger Joey Cannon is second to none. This marina is the definition of customer service. After taking delivery of the boat they allowed me to use a slip there until I felt comfortable driving/docking the boat. On several different occasions they always had someone available to me to either get on the boat and practice (Thanks George) or Jack would would meet me at the dock to help me get into the slip. I hope Jack will still provide this service since my skill level was poor at the beginning and Jack was trying so hard to get me in safely he actually went for a swim!!!! If I had a video camera I know that video would of been a definite winner of the grand prize in America’s Funniest Home videos. I wish I could have kept my boat there all year but living over 120 miles from there and having to fight the summer Garden State Parkway traffic me and my wife didn’t think it was an […]
From the day I purchased my boat at the NJ Boat Show my experience with Sheltered Cove Marina have been great. Being a first time boat owner their assistance was extremely valuable. The boat has always been serviced, winterized , fuel purchases and winter storage by Sheltered Cove. Yes I did have one serious problem however Joey Cannon worked hard for warranty coverage and limited my out of pocket expense and the boat is in top running condition.
I purchased my boat here and was taken care of by Jack Ryan. First class service all the way!!! Jack knows how to treat a customer. He helped me through the process of my purchase. They even provided transportation to and from the airport. If anyone is thinking of making a boating purchase consider Sheltered Cove Marina. See Jack!!
I purchased a 2011 256 Sea Fox, my third boat, after researching for a new boat, I decided the Sea Fox appealed to me the most. I first went to the Baltimore Boat Show and they had the 256 on display and I liked what I seen, the salesman was not very knowledgeable, nor was the Sea Fox Rep, there trade value was low and they wanted to put me on a bunk trailer so I decided to wait and go to the AC show, the show listed Sheltered Cove as the Sea Fox dealer. There I spoke to Mark and they did not have the 256 at the show but he told me they had one at there show room. I went to the Sheltered Cove show room the following week and Jack Ryan showed me there 256, it was not geared the way I wanted it Jack said no problem we went thru the options I wanted a ordered the boat that day, I got the trade deal I wanted and trailer at a fair price, Jack was straight forward and knew most of the answers, what he didn’t know off the top of his head he looked […]
I purchased a slightly used 2088 Sea-Fox 206 CC from Jack Ryan and the process was both informative and without problems. The entire team @ SCM was very helpful and patient, as I had many questions (this being my first salt water boat purchase). I especially want to thank Jack, Steve and Joey for all their continuing help with service and accessories.