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"Hi Guys, Just completed my purchase of a new Bennington over the 2015-16 winter months. From the time I stepped into the Marmora showroom, to finishing the paperwork, my Salesman, Mike Kolea, was there every step of the way. Mike patiently answered all my questions, and then answered them again when I forgot the answers. He remembered all the details of what was included and what was offered as part of my deal. His advice was great and he was true to his word throughout. Mike even went by our vacation house in OC to check on it (sent me some pics) after a bad winter storm and flooding, saving me a 200-mile round trip. The "sales" part was 5star all the way. If you need a customer reference, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. " By: Bill Ocean City, NJ

"I bought my 2007 Defiance 25 ft. pilot house boat from Mark at the end of the model year. He and George personally delivered the boat to me in Jersey City, and spent an enormous amount of time going over all of the ins and outs, trim level, running RPM's for most conditions, use of the electronics, location of filters, dip sticks, etc. The boat had some issues, but none that could be traced to Mark or the dealership. When the issues were finally resolved, and it came time for a change, it was only natural that I would call upon my old friend to market it for me. At the outset, I was a little disappointed that I didn't see it listed on the Sheltered Cove website, but I should have had faith. The boat need to be photographed and was quickly listed on several websites in a professional manner. Despite it being a questionable time of the year for a seller to be putting the boat on the market, Mark and Jack came through for me in a surprisingly modest amount of time. The boat was sold to a buyer in Canada, who also bought a trailer from Mark to drive it back with. To anyone who might be considering a purchase of a boat from Sheltered Cove, do so with confidence, as the team will not disappoint. And if you are looking to change the boat of your dreams, take the anxiety and pain out of the process, an give it to Mark and crew to market it for you. The commission you will pay will be a small price to pay for a speedy and arm's length transaction experience. I have always enjoyed working with the guys at Sheltered Cove Marina (a family business), and I am confident that you will too. Sincerely, Frank Sisinni " By: Frank Jersey City, NJ

"jack is great. Saw jack 3 times before buying the boat. Took the time to just give me and my wife all the info. I run two car dealerships and i must say that i would love to have him on my staff. Gave me a great price right off the bat. Don't waste your time shopping just go see Jack. I had a cushion that took a while to come in but Jack never ducked a call or email. He took ownership of the problem and got it handled. A sincere thanks! Dave" By: Anonymous

" I purchased my boat here and was taken care of by Jack Ryan. First class service all the way!!! Jack knows how to treat a customer. He helped me through the process of my purchase. They even provided transportation to and from the airport. If anyone is thinking of making a boating purchase consider Sheltered Cove Marina. See Jack!!" By: Anonymous

"jack is great. Saw jack 3 times before buying the boat. Took the time to just give me and my wife all the info. I run two car dealerships and i must say that i would love to have him on my staff. Gave me a great price right off the bat. Don't waste your time shopping just go see Jack. I had a cushion that took a while to come in but Jack never ducked a call or email. He took ownership of the problem and got it handled. A sincere thanks! Dave" By: Anonymous

"Hi Guys, Not sure how to start or what to say except: I have owned 4 different boats over the years, I have returned now to Sheltered Cove 7 years after you had sold my 2001 Maxim on a Brokerage basis and I purchased a Used Trophy from you. Now I came to purchase the brand new Sea Fox 256 . Your entire staff made it the easiest decision a guy could have. From the beginning, you both were so helpful you understood my families needs and put me in the right direction and on top of that found me the right financing with Helene in your office at great rate. It was literally one of the easiest purchases a guy could make. No pressure, no aggravation, no headaches, and a wonderful price. You made it just an easy experience for the Fritz Family. What also made it great was the treatment Jack gave my wife, kids and grandkids last week while showing the boat 2 separate visits. They were sunny cold 30 degree days but that did not stop them or Jack..He stood with them till they were done visiting the boat. We all felt like VIP’s. At the moment I am wishing away the winter days till it gets splashed in your harbor. Thank you all once again for your help and friendship also, Please give my name and cell number 215-317-8414 at anytime to anyone considering the use of your services. They would be missing out on a great price or service by going anywhere else. Best Regards, Wes" By: Wes NJ

"Hi my name is Mike and I have been an avid boater for more than a half a century. Never in all my years of boating have I had a more pleasurable experience then with doing business with Sheltered Cove Marina. The folks (Mark, Joey, Jack, Judy, Brian, and the gang) are wonderful to deal with. They make you feel right at home. Like you're part of the family! Mark the owner is a real gentleman, Jack and the sales guys are straight-shooters and Joey and the service dept. are first rate (no need to worry with these guys) and of course Judy runs the office and is always a delight to speak with. My new Seafox 226 Commander Pro is everything they said it would be and more. I've owned a lot of boats, but my new Seafox and Sheltered Cove Marina tops the list! For those of you who already own a boat, Sheltered Cove Marina is a great place for service, storage or a boat slip. Keep up the great work guys, see you in the Spring!!! By: Mike " By: michael longport, NJ

"Just wanted to take a moment to say Thanks. My family took our "new' boat out Saturday without issue and with great enjoyment. The trailer, newly detailed boat, new VHF, and new engine all worked flawlessly and made for a really enjoyable experience. Palmer was great in his explanation of "breaking in the motor" and I am very pleased with the fit and finish of the engine, VHF, compass, battery switch installation. I am really pleased with all the work and the detail by Waterbeads. We keep the boat at the top of our driveway and my 4 year old daughter periodically goes out to check that no neighborhood kids are in the boat because as she told her mom, "Mommy, that boat is very special to me." That was the kind of experience I hoped for in getting the boat and trailer ready for my family. Please, thank Palmer, Tony, Helena and Ken from the Terruso family. Thanks! Jason" By: Jason

"Mark--it is kind of funny you reached out as a connection because I was thinking about Sheltered Cove and what a good place it is to do business with. I purchased a summer/weekend place on Mystic Island 3 years ago. The house is on a canal so I figured jet-skis would be perfect. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia so I bought the 2 jet-skis from a place in Upper Darby that also sells motorcycles. Long story short I had a problem with one of the jet-skis --it caught on fire! I brought it to Sheltered Cove to be repaired. I can't say enough about your service department specifically Joey and Vinnie. They went above and beyond in repairing that jet-ski and getting me up and running. Thsi despite the fact that I did nto purchase the jet-skis there. That being said my next purchase will probably be a small boat and I would definitely purchase it from Sheltered Cove. That is how I am impressed with your Company--Good Communication, Good People and again a Good Place to do business. Just wanted drop you a line and tell you to keep doing what you are doing. Tony " By: Tony

"After many months of going to boat shows, we bought our first boat from Jack, Chris and Mark at Sheltered Cove Marina. Jack was VERY patient and guided us through the process and option selections, answered questions and had GREAT follow-up! Brian reviewed the entire boat with us, and answered any of our questions so that we'd feel comfortable with our new Regal. We are able to keep our boat at SCM until we feel comfortable handling it. Although we'd love to stay down there, the distance is a little far from home. We highly recommend the marina - great people and great service! We appreciate all of the suggestions on equipment, and any additional items which we may have forgotten. We couldn't do it without you and all of us appreciate that! " By: Dave, Joanmary, Rachel & Jack Freehold, NJ