By: Frank – Jersey City, NJ

Written By:  cws-admin July 28, 2017 at 6:47 pm

I bought my 2007 Defiance 25 ft. pilot house boat from Mark at the end of the model year. He and George personally delivered the boat to me in Jersey City, and spent an enormous amount of time going over all of the ins and outs, trim level, running RPM’s for most conditions, use of the electronics, location of filters, dip sticks, etc. The boat had some issues, but none that could be traced to Mark or the dealership. When the issues were finally resolved, and it came time for a change, it was only natural that I would call upon my old friend to market it for me. At the outset, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see it listed on the Sheltered Cove website, but I should have had faith. The boat need to be photographed and was quickly listed on several websites in a professional manner. Despite it being a questionable time of the year for a seller to be putting the boat on the market, Mark and Jack came through for me in a surprisingly modest amount of time. The boat was sold to a buyer in Canada, who also bought a trailer from Mark to drive it back with. To anyone who might be considering a purchase of a boat from Sheltered Cove, do so with confidence, as the team will not disappoint. And if you are looking to change the boat of your dreams, take the anxiety and pain out of the process, an give it to Mark and crew to market it for you. The commission you will pay will be a small price to pay for a speedy and arm’s length transaction experience. I have always enjoyed working with the guys at Sheltered Cove Marina (a family business), and I am confident that you will too. Sincerely, Frank Sisinni