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    1.)  If you don't have a boat fender appropriate for your boat size, the outcome could be disasterous?

 Boat Fender Recommendations by Boat Size

Boat fenders come in a variety of styles and sizes. This table will outline each style and provide a table of manufacturer size recommendations. This guide should help you determine the type of fender that is most suitable for your mooring conditions. These are general recommendations. You will need to consider the situations in which you are mooring and use your judgement when selecting fenders that will provide ample protection for your boat.

Twin-eye Boat Fender Recommendations

 Boat Size

Polyform Fender   Boater Sports Fender  Taylor Made Fender
 Up to 10'              G-1                Medium                                -
 10-20 ft.          G-2, G-3                 Medium                    Small Super Gard
 20-30 ft.          G-4, G-5      Large, Extra Large  Medium Super Gard, Large Super Gard
 30-40 ft.              G-6                     -  Large Super Gard, Extra Large Super G
 40-50 ft.                -                     -                               -
 50-60 ft.                -                     -                               -


"Hole-through-the-middle" Boat Fender Recommendations
 Boat Size  Polyform Fender  Boater Sports Fender  Taylor Made Fender
 Up to 10'                 -                     -                         -
 10-20 ft.                 -                     -                         -
 20-30 ft.  HTM-1, HTM-2                     -  Small Big B, Medium Big B
 30-40 ft.  HTM-3, HTM-4                     -  Medium Big B, Large Big B
 40-50 ft.         HTM-4                     -               Large Big B
 50-60 ft.                -                     -          Extra Large Big B



    2.)  You could be boating illegally and not even know it?! If you do not have all of the required items in your Coast Guard Kit, you are NOT legal. Here's a checklist we put together for you:




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